A not so great Christmas

I’m not religious: (too much of Hawking and Darwin)
but Christmas is a fun time for a lot of things.
We always enjoy the sights and sounds in Ooty during this season.

We have always been thinking of Christmas like in Dickens’.

This year it was amazingly quiet here. The visible decorations near chellarams was
not there. The weather was wet and not much cheer. The mood was subdued as people
were just getting out of their share of crazy weather what with so many dead and
the change in landscapes.

Having to think a lot about where I’m headed in life was not much fun either.

Gave ubuntu9.10 a whirl in my brother’s thinkpad. It worked out of the box but it
changed some other setting and the other os was showing its color: blue.

Being a multimedia friendly person the lack of the other os was too hard on him.
Decided he was too young for the power of tux. Had to fix my error. Tried to console
him with the glitz of compiz and the other bells that comes with it. Didn’t fly.

Fished out some os cds and booted it up. The same error(disk controller/harddrive…)
didn’t make much sense.

Thought grub beta had done something crazy to the disk.

Deleted the C: and all. Installed Fedora and thought I could get it running in full multimedia
glory with all the spare rpms left over from the yum cache in my desktop.

Turns out the installed Fedora doesn’t consider the dvd as a repo. Played around a bit and
ended up in the rpmhell.

The modem gets detected but the connection is not friendly without wvdial. Found out about pppconfig.
Good enough. Again didn’t fly.

Back to ubuntu: Tried out a few debs but that became debhell. With my modem and the overpriced connection I would be running my father’s bill high.

Decided it was time to get things as they were before yours truly came in. Our friendly geeks were ready to lend sabayon.

Before that:

Chance prying into the BIOS told me that the SCSI controller is set to AHCI. Toggled it
to compatibility mode. And what do you the other os was off color and started to respond.

Got everything up and then comes the surprise brother has only vista drivers. Got the modem up with some crazy act of randomness and
many hours later I’ve at least mitigated the problems.

Moral of the story: Don’t fix other’s system. Even if you find them running state-of-the-art dose of win.
Let the sleeping dos lie.


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