This is just not working out.

This is just not working out.

I’ve not been many things in my life.
But this time. What I’m not is solely my mistake.

I’m seriously messed up
I work in technologies that are seriously closed source for a
company that gives lip service for learning and greatness.

The path that they had chosen for me simply doesn’t sit well with
my entire mindset.

I tried to ignore the obvious by simply believing it not to be true.

Recently I’ve have just had this realization that this is not for

When I work on something I want to be interested in it.

This profile simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

People simply don’t understand that we need our dose of challenges and excitement to keep us alive.

We don’t live to drink coffee from a fancy restaurant or write a challenging xls sheet. We are happy with plain water and a lot of interesting and challenging problems.

I’m not interested in your billability or your battles to see who goes to onsite first.

We are a meek bunch who just needs to feel good at the end of the day fo r having done something worthwhile, that I could share with my friend and be happy for his appreciation of my work.

We like to learn beyond the average engr. grad. We like to create things that will one day change the way people use technology.

We want to be an engr. in its truest sense.  We chose this profession not of the demands in the industry or for the riches that are shared with people in this profession. We chose this because we like to play the bit and byte game.  And definitely not to see who drives the bigger car.

I feel crippled by the OS that you use. I feel crippled that I can’t google to get the answer

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