Bypassing firewalls-!Howto

Any cs guy worth his salt would have tried to get through the firewall in place at work or at school.

Now those days are behind us, we were armed with a lot of junkie written softwares and cgi stuff to get past the obvious barrier for a little joys of freedom.

At work I thought I would see better stronger firewall and  stringent rules.
Alas my hopes were dashed the other day when a crafty little url mod made the firewall here throw up the webpage I wanted albeit without any images.

Now I’m not the kind of guy who would exploit such an outrageous mistake. I have my standards. The college firewall now seems like paradise to me.

The point of the post is not in the obvious overlooking of the firewall rules. But the subtle goodness that I found when I was looking through the source for some of the pages that had images when others did not.

The answer why it displayed images was this little devil

<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64

Never thought I would live to see this day. Goodness all the way. Can’t wait to use this in my codes.



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