At last a shell in sight

Almost fainted when I got access to 3 Linux servers.

Now they have made me a ksh  user. For long I was swearing in the name of bash now they have made me cry out in joy with shell access.

SSH all the way.

No more batch scripts, will post a bunch of those scripts I wrote some time these days.

Can’t tell you how much internal conflict I’m going through after taking this job.

I had to go in a complete mindset switch.

First they pull out a fresh college kid with great interest in writing drivers and AI code.

Then they test you in c and ds, then they kick your sorry ass into java.

After having beaten your backside till it hurts they put you up for processing data for a large multinational using some of the most closed tools(AI).

My life has become a re-run of the Chandler Bing saga.

The only reason I’m sticking around is coz this was my mistake in the first place and I’d wish to stay the course.


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