Interesting people

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Have been away from wordpress for sometime.
Recently have taken to chatting up with new people just for the sake of chatting.
What else do you expect from one who is technically employed but critically crippled due to lack or the abundance of non-interesting activities.

I figured after a very few rounds with people that they find me interesting. Good to know.

They themselves are interesting and its a wonder they find me interesting.
I for one consider myself to be a loner who knows nothing much than to punch in some code and not very good either.

Why else do you suppose I am here blogging about personal euphoria rather than mash up good old processor munching programs.

Anyways, I was just talking to someone who just finds my way of mindless traveling, come what may attitude interesting.

Some people might just shrug at the thought of a senseless personality who likes to move around places, who likes change and who sucks the life out of every minute of the day.

I don’t mean the previous sentence in a way that’s anything interesting.

I pity myself for these things for in this you find a sense of despair that stems out of loneliness forced/ingrained.

The point is it’s good that there are people to make you feel better about yourself. And I know one. Period.


One thought on “Interesting people

  1. krisk says:

    Will add you to the other blog later .
    Post the comment there.

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