A visit to the Diary farm

Technically speaking District Livestock farm of the animal husbandry in Kandal.

Started around 4 from home and reached the place after sometime with Anand, Deepak and Ram, Chetan was sleeping I guess, so he didn’t join us. 

The size of the Jersey cows this time was disappointing. 

If I am not mistaken there were Friesian cows too.  

Last time (a couple of years ago) they looked like dinosaurs in miniature. 

And sound a terrifying ‘moo’. Touching them is not for the faint hearted(believe me.)

They are mainly used here for diary and in the preservation of semen. Which would later be used for artificial insemination. 

The last time we went to the lab there and found them preserving samples in straw like containers inside LN2 cylinders.

Have you ever touched LN2? They try to freeze your bone. If you stay at it you may find yourself breaking your fingers to bits. 

All in all the vast expanse of the farm was good to see. The cows were pretty tolerant on the intrusion. 

Photos are coming.

One would probably need some kind of permission to see this place but it’s worth the trouble.


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