A fresher decides to get a job

Have always thought it was a bad idea to get recruited by companies developing proprietary solutions.

Alas! I climbed the bandwagon. 

Now the offer hangs in the balance with the recession hitting home.
Clearly, one of the worst decisions of my life.

Am now on the look out for a job in the FOSS arena
I should have done that from the start.

Don’t know anyone to ask for sound career advice.

One would argue as to the entrepreneurial qualities one would have developed over the
years in a university but I was listening to Kurzweil, Norvig rather than Porter or Peters.

Not many people here would want to employ me. 

Will be heading out these days to secure a developing job. 

Starting from CBE.

Have figured out a few contigency plans:

BPO jobs– If the black president doesn’t kill it before I get to it.
Pro Musician– If I could get enough musical acumen.
Writer– When I write a pot-boiler with my experiences. 
Politician– If I could manage to wear dhotis.
Terrorist 😉 They seem to be giving some good advice.
Govt. Jobs – If I ever clear their irrelevant written tests.
Write a JobSearch engine – Will make me rich. The userbase is large.


Cheers to all fellow-hunters. Will be meeting some soon.


5 thoughts on “A fresher decides to get a job

  1. krisk says:

    Having a job in a traditional software company or any company for that matter feeds you at the end of the day.

    My choices have been bad
    but I’m no ungrateful parasite.

    As a rule I don’t change my posts.
    Thus, this comment.

  2. Chint says:

    krish I am surprised! in software you do not have the option of being a parasite. We are all drained to our very vitals whether we like it or not.

  3. Chint says:

    Another Idea to your list of Hot Jobs. Whatever it is (Or it is not) the reporters will survive. All hail the media.. What say?

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