A guitar at long last

I fell in love with a casio keyboard a long time ago back in school.

Later moved on to a broken down grand piano in the main hall at Breeks. It holds some good memories.

Back in college was mildly captivated by a guitar.

Was never good at reading sheet music and couldn’t afford a decent keyboard so I switched my thoughts to learning to play guitar.

It doesn’t make any sense to learn without having an instrument.
So after a considerable amount of thinking decided to go for a guitar.
The available range and brands were overwhelming, friends suggested a GB&A. Didn’t quite like it with the different sound hole.
After taking Kishan’s advice went for a pluto guitar(yes, Chinese made, they do make good ones). Sounds good and I like the feel. Jumbo size did not work for me, so the standard size.

Now all that remains is to see how far I can improve my musical acumen.

Cheers to Kishan and friends.


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