A thorny bush

Back from b’lore away from the bustle and dust of the city.
Had some work near finger post. Took a bus to the place and returned back by walk.

Took a detour and ended up walking through the woods near Arranmore Palace.

After tasting a few thorn berries of the wild we decided to go for a citrus fruit that grows on a creeper kind of plant.

I don’t know the exact name of the fruit thus I refrain from using the vernacular name.

Anyways we were walking by the road until we spotted the fruit. It was too high, we aimed stones at it but were not successful and didn’t want to injure the occasional tavellers. We ventured into a bush where we thought we would find the remaining of the plant and hopefully the fruit. 

We did find it too high to reach.See pic

As usual we took aim but failed to knock out the ripe ones. Next we decided to go for sticks shaped like boomerangs. After struggling for some time Dee knocked out a ripe one. See pic.

He was still trying to knock the one that was remaining. Meanwhile I decided to look for greener pastures inside another part of the bush. After climbing a bunch of plants trees that could together hold my weight I decided to reach the creeper. 

Whilst near a stream that I just passed I heard leaves being disturbed, first I thought it was someone taking a shortcut through the woods but then realised that the sound was heavy. Turned around with one foot up a branch and the other balanced on some  young trees. What I saw were massive horns and a great big face of a bison. 

Standing atop unstable branches without any sense of height my feet were going weak as the black orb like eyes stared at my anti glares questioning my intrusion into its turf.
I decided to stay put and that did the trick, it went away.

To my relief I saw there were no socks like patch at it feet(characteristic of bisons). 

They were only buffaloes(not much of threat under common circumstances)

Decided to go back to the fruit till I heard a few more coming the same way with the same expression.

Remained where I was safe till a herd of 4 passed me by.

Later I found Dee was scared shitless and was running out the bush onto the road in fear of  the massive fellows.

Decided it was safe for me to bail and stop this business. Reached out to the road. With thorns in my fingers and small cuts on my hands(Thorns were freaking hard to get off my fingers) 

After a few minutes of walk we tried to break a few pine cones, those guys are tough even when they are dry.

Managed to break a few. See pic

Returned home with a branch of pine cones.

Was wonderful to relive a few mischieves of the old days.


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