So what’s new?

Nothing much, addicted to internet.
Cannot afford a guitar right now(Damn $$).

Away from home. Staying at riche’s.
People here work for Tesco.

Having a great time roaming around Bglr with the bus pass(great money saver)

Few comments on Bglr is in the order:

Good Food.
People here speak almost as many languages as me.
Aesthetically pleasing homo sapiens in the environment 😉
Constant feeling of being lost.
Stupid buses don’t have an english name boards.
Almost all here work for the IT&ITES.
Lot of overhead involved in getting from point A to B.
Water is better than other places.
Weather is manageble for now.
Smoking restriction here has gone up in the smokes.
FYI: I don’t smoke.

Will be joining Deeproot soon.
Hope to do some terribly brilliant job.

My students are distraught on my absence.
The most important thing I learnt from them is
patience and zeal to learn; didn’t have the former to start with.

Thnx guys.

Calculated price for a dell lap. Costs around 80k(again damn $$)

Still no word from the one that fills my heart and soul till this day.
Call me corny but I’m in a constant manic depression that just rips out
all feelings of self esteem and of joy.

Tired feet don’t make me rest but to walk the miles ahead.
(Write it down son!)


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