Latest conversions

What would you do if you encounter a total computer n00b,
not the kind who has a machine bought to him by his pops hard earned
money but one who is an absolute layman, interested in the digital world
but who needs to work his way to get himself educated.

I have a few students who belong to the latter and I’ve earned my bragging 
rights: I’ve converted them to the linux way of life.

Will be quitting at the end of the month with the satisfaction that I’ve shown 
them the way to become better.  I’ve never in my wildest dreams imagined 
I would teach someday.

All I’ve ever done in college was fool around never once thinking of how much
preparation would have gone into a lecture.

Now I’ve past that stage and I’ve the freedom to do anything with  my life.
I’m desperate to figure out this range of overwhelming choices.


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