Still at home, enjoying every bit!

Well, this is no news to people I know, everone is still waiting for their shot 

at the corporate world. 

Meanwhile, thinking about the crazy future does sound wonky for me. I have been
giving due consideration to the long lost books in my shelf and the games in my 
CDs, still teaching linux here. Will not disclose where I work. 

Started a rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, watching 9th season now.

Rediscovering Crichton and Tolkien.

Still have the better part of lost se 2 to watch.

Thus the glory of having a degree and staying home goes.
I dare not think that I am wasting my time here, being productive
in my own way, did you know that chinese cooking is best here at shikows.
And that lager is better than a strong one.

Enough about real life, in tech- I stripped out my kernel to the bare necessary still
my SATA dvd drive doesn’t work,  I hate to accept it is a hardware error. Freaking thing 
works like a mad one in the other OS.

Trying my hand at writing a driver for it. Also the bloody Conexant modem sucks in Linux.
Hate the pay for software in Linux.


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