This just doesn’t work for me

I have been to college(well mostly), read the books, learnt my lessons, spoken my thoughts, gotten through exams,
experienced quite a lot of things, made new friends but ended up just where I started with the question:

What’s next?

I can while away my time writing a little code, watching movies, fooling around and roaming these streets-
which is just what we do these days.

None of these constitute a “productive” lifestyle.
This desire of mine to break out of self created paradigms is somehow becoming insatiable.

I NEED my FIX of challenges, failures and excitement to keep me going.

This luxury of idleness and peace just doesn’t work for me.
Add a hint of uncertainty and dejection to it and you end up with a concoction of insanity.

Stuck in a quaint little paradise I am in search of a vision.

What would you do with all the time in the world?


2 thoughts on “This just doesn’t work for me

  1. RD says:

    If you are in the final semesters of your college, you could plan and research on what you would do after the graduation.

    Further studies? Which College? Which country?
    Work? If work, what area? For which Company?


  2. krisk says:

    Did not give much thought.
    Looking back now, I haven’t quite fit in where I’m right now.

    Making myself better so I could chase what I like.

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