Creatures of the night

As a friend of mine so aptly put it; we have become the creatures of the night (like batman/spiderman ;-)).

Working all night and spending the day without a worry about rain or shine (this is my case.)

Only time has to answer if this is going to get me in trouble with the system on which we spend our pop’s bucks just to see a piece of B S paper that the world tends to call THE real education.


Where in the world does this make me educated, I see people all around me far more truly educated than us, who know the know-how of life that we can only imagine to possess or buy for $$.

What is life without this true education the inborn creativity and human values that this system so magnificently nips at the bud.

By rote learning will get you into universities. Why? So that an entire economy or even civilization fall prey to morons with only crappy degrees and no sense about life and nature?

Solutions exist; but will take generations of failures to realize this. I bet the future kids will be laughing their brains out reading our history (so well documented in media and the net.)

Euthenics may be the answer for the elites but who cares about the grassroots in this county. Call it any name you want for your publicity stunts but the macro picture is that the system is FUBAR that the effort input on these young students is actually counter productive.

I am talking about kids in the range of 12 who are force fed junk and they call this education. True learning comes not out of the need for shelter and meals but of a yearning to be a better person and be responsible to the entire human community.

I pity the instructors who are in a moral dilemma over forcing burden-laden students(or more aptly refugees, as is the case) to memorize battles of the past or letting them get a real education.

If you were like me a suited up stud of private schools left behind by the Raj: you will most probably fail to grasp what I am talking about.

Lucky me I have gathered enough to realize this now from stories about school life in the rurals from my mom.

The more I think of it, the more I feel guilty of the privilege to vent my anger here when there are scores out there who have no inkling of what I am doing now.


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