I hate to make wishlists

There have been times in my life when I was on the verge of making a wishlist.

As the title of the post suggests I hate to make them.
For some strange reason I am scared of seeing them come true. The strangeness is quite explainable but the scare?

One reason that I divine is:
The confusion that arises when I think of what am I to do after all my wishes have been granted.
Should I be content and merry with my good fortune or should I go and make another wish list and wait for its fruition?

Another reason may be the ill-prospect of wishing for futile things in a vicious cycle and as a consequence: run out of my-share of wishes in life.

So does that mean that I have no wishes to make ? I don’t think an ‘yes’ would be valid according to the human psychology. Every body wishes for something.

One thing that I usually do is not to make a list per se but wish for certain things and get out and do what I ought to do make them see the daylight.

In this way the wishes become my responsibility. As any responsibility it requires a constant feeding of your actions. And thus I achieve greater momentum by making them active rather than a passive wishlist full of “if only s”. Actions do speak more than words, don’t they?

Now the point of this post:

I wanted to learn to play the piano (those seducing keys!)
but actions were curtailed for reasons many. At that time all I could lay my hands on was my mom’s  typewriter and the consequence:
I can touch type at a professional level; that is a working miracle now.

But fear not for I have software synthesizers to the rescue(ie. after I fix audio issues with zynaddsubfx),

another budding musician coming your way

at least that is one of my wish responsibilities for now 😉


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