Cool piece of code

This is just a hacked up version of a professionally written code to check if a string is palindrome.

Recursion is our friend as much as it is our foe.

[[kish@MiAmor ~]$ cat propalin.cs
 using System;

class Palindrome{

     static void Main(string[] args){





		Console.WriteLine("Not a Palindrome");


     public static bool CheckPalindrome( string s ){

               return CheckPalindrome( s, 0, s.Length - 1 );


     private static bool CheckPalindrome( string s, int left, int right ){

                       if ( left >= right )

                            return true;
                 		       else if ( s[left] != s[right] )

                            return false;

                            return CheckPalindrome( s, left + 1, right - 1 );



2 thoughts on “Cool piece of code

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  2. krisk says:

    Happy that you enjoy my posts.

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