Busy week but there is always time for fun.

The end of sem is here: 4 more days till we put an end to this.
We still have our zero review, practicals and then the sem exams.

Been a long time since I went home.

Could not get a full sem project. That would have been nice; no more subjects to take in that case.

Have to brush up a little on C# and other ignored languages before the practicals though.

Currently reading Doctors-Erich Segal: Classy as usual.

Will move towards War and Peace after finishing this.

Currently watching Fate-Stay Night. Well… so far so good.

Counter strike still rocks. Its most fun playing with fellas.


4 thoughts on “Busy week but there is always time for fun.

  1. hookerbaby says:

    will you actually read war and peace?

    it’s been on my to-do list for years

  2. krisk says:

    I hope so.
    Thought my last attempt to read it went in vain.

  3. elvis says:

    You sound,…..agitative? About wishes, I make wishes, but I wonder how many come to pass. So funny, but we keep wishing as long as we live. Can’t stop.

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