Drunk with power-do they deserve it?

Freedom is the way the world wants to go.

Everybody wants freedom.
Everybody deserves freedom.
But how many can handle freedom?

I write this after having seen a lot of action in wikipedia concerning my fellow students’ contirubutions.
Not everything that they wrote was wrong but somethings that were put up about the college was dumb and was misplaced.

It was an abuse of the power that wiki provides.

Okay, that being said I thought the wiki about Breeks would be in good shape but even that reflected the sorry state of our people.

All I am saying here is when you have the power to do something worthwhile why do you tinker with your mind to produce stuff that aint going to do anyone any good including yourself?

We are trying to put up a wiki for the Linux club and now we are having second thoughts.

It ultimately boils down to this: Can you handle the awesome power of freedom?

FYI wikipedia is not a blog. GET A LIFE.

One thought on “Drunk with power-do they deserve it?

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