How I fixed CounterStrike on Linux

cs background

Just wanted to play counter strike under Linux
Figured wine would definitely save the day.
Started the setup under wine.

The installation was pretty smooth.

Could not launch the game.

Problem was a missing dll. A quick locate revealed the dll in c:.
Fixed it by copying it to the .wine directory.

Audio was fine but there seemed to be no menu in the splash screen.

After this tried it with cedega–it got most of the things right except the audio

Here I found the missing menu in the splash.

And then it hit me it was just the Font problem with wine.

I either had to download liberation-fonts or msttfonts.
Figure I will use the ones already in the fonts folder in windows.

Copied all the fonts from the fonts folder to the one in ~/.wine and now it seemed to be satisfied.

Counter strike was on linux.


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