Attendance going southward

Just for the record: this is the worst sem so far.

“Classes suck”- would be an understatement.

Plans for my betterment are becoming a nightmare.

I just couldnt fathom why I am spending my pop’s hard earned money here

Is it just to sit in a dumb classroom?

The lectures (except a few) turn out to be a joke.

I simply cant handle the crap they try to feed us.

I cant stand it any longer. Looking forward for the day when I would have finished the sem.

Having an open mind is simply not possible.

It simply boils down to this: one day in the classroom or one hour self-study?

I am positive that I would regret the wasted time and unquestionably everything else.

Underachieving thats all I am doing here.

Arrrghhhhh…. @!#@!#$!@4 Why??????

Enlighten me if you have a solution for this crisis.


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