The quest to create friendly future machines

We have all seen those futuristic movies, where machines take over mankind.

These promote the sense of the inevitable future, given the general exponential growth of human knowledge base in the digital domain, all branches of science like nano and bio tech along with the growing sense of hubris, this might just become true.

Watching the talk given by the speakers at the singularity summit gave me a fresh outlook on the way things are headed in technology.

One speaker EliezerYudkowsky inspires us to create a friendly AI.

The topics discussed are what is needed in this information age, where innovation is happening at a break neck speed.

Compare this with our great archaic technology curriculum which focuses solely on the ability of a student to rack his/her brain to reproduce by-rote learning.

This simple thought presents a scenario far worse than smart machines taking over the world.

The quest to create AI that can aid us in medicine and other areas and to use such agencies for the greater good is of primal importance.

The level of expertise that this quest demands can only be satisfied by a model that is much similar to the open source movement.

Continual evolution of the product and that too at a greater speed and care with respect to integrity can only achieved by collaborative research and development.

All it takes is foresight and common sense to realize that we have the power to engineer the future.

As we’re technically adept and are in a position to contribute, the rational course of action is to take up this quest to create such powerful entities within the framework of our ethics.


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