The bitter-sweet hols

I just cant remember the time when I last sat down to write a blog. Things happen so fast that after sometime of joyous familiarity you grow so close to it that it makes you forget the real issues.

I mean the holidays and the sweet sound of doing nothing was wonderful but the bubble of joy bursts when bang comes the break from it all and brings me back to reality where I have to go to college to earn a degree.

This semester hols was a bitter sweet experience for me. Bitter because I just could not do much that I had in my mind and sweet… because who cares if I could not do all that I had planned.

Let us start with the beginning of my hols.

To start with it was a very good feeling to be at home. Though the weather was at its worse(as always), I found comfort in knowing that I have so many days ahead of me to compromise for the cold, wet weather.

After few days of jolly meetings with friends of the past, I had to travel to Chennai to complete a project with Jabesh, Tim and Steve.

Now starts the journey the like of which I have never experienced. The journey was so romantic that the Deluxe SETC bus that I boarded broke down up in the middle of nowhere and had it not been for the caring souls of all the truck drivers at that place we could not have moved on.

Just when I thought it was all green the bus broke down again and this time tragically there was not a soul around to help us.

Frantic phone calls were not met with great enthusiasm in the middle of the night and we were helpless. To cut the long story short lets just say that we were stranded, helpless, ignored and desperate. We spent the night in the bus and only the next day after so much time had been wasted did the replacement transport came through.

Hats off to public transport in the state.

After long last I reached my destination and it was not before I had spent double the amount of time in traveling.

Well.. what can I say, just had a swell time with the fellas and enjoyed myself in Jabs home. His parents were great and the reception was simply fantastic.. I should double that and say doubly fantastic.

After my experience with the bus I decided to take the train back to Ooty(Good ole wisdom dawned on me!). I traveled all night and reached Mtp in the early hours by noon I was back home with great plans for the rest of the holidays.

Meanwhile the results were out and the surprising thing here was that there was no surprise this time and all that was expected was delivered in full and I did  NOT  like it.

Few days passed by and slowly but steadily the monsoon grew ferocious and tried to ruin my holiday and ruin it did. We were cut out from the rest of the world as rains lashed the town. Winds blew with such force that I could hear the tall trees roaring to each other; their mighty-self trying to resist them but unable to accomplish their desire- of standing it. They were uprooted and subsequently there were terrible deaths of all kinds of flora& fauna.

The town was wrapped up in darkness but as for me I sat beside the fire reading David Copperfield(wow what a book ‘t was). Days passed by… our batteries grew drier and yet there was no light in sight. Great a many power lines were down and the man power needed to fix them was imported from the plains.

This state of mine was reflected throughout the place. A few days later few of the main lines were restored and much to our dismay ours was not fixed(no complains though).

Its was a misery to live without power and it made me realize how much we owe to the magic of electricity and how dependent I was on technology to spruce up my spirit.

Time passed at snails pace and my cell was dying on me crying out for battery power. Managed to charge it up a little bit with my pc s ups. I took it back to Deepak’s house to get it charged and its was charming to see the little guy happy again.

Living in a semi neo-stone-electro-nano age put my mind in its place and taught me to value the lessons that nature reminds us from time to time.

Days grew old…

With bitterness in my heart that I would be leaving to coll soon and the feeling of purposeless made me miserable. Even the sinfully delicious fudges did not make much of a difference on me.

Its been a long post that took me so many days weeks to write the reason for which I will enlighten in other posts.

To cut the story shorter.

It is amusing but the truth of the matter is that I enjoyed this holiday more than any other.

Being with family and friends made me forget all the miseries of life and planted a grateful heart in me(that is ever so green).

It’s just like those days when I was at school so grateful for all the blessings, so magnanimously, showered upon a undeserving wretch like yours truly.

All in all Barrie sums up my entire holiday.

Life is a long lesson in humility.

J. M. Barrie


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