Fooked up life

These are the last few days of this “study hols” – a week’s break from the drudgery and boredom of being in a room stuffed with uninterested people – THE CLASS.

AFAIK the bloody life in karunya sucks at its best only in the last few days of the sem; when you have to bind up records and prepare for your “practical exams” that is until the respected members of the faculty decide to change the frontispiece and the index format.

This prac exam has been the one whose memories will last for a lifetime. My self esteem was bled to death when I found myself staring at a question paper that contained the bloody parser in compiler design lab; so much for all that parser writing ritual of mine.

To top it all there was windoze to program, I was suspected of plagiarism just because I was using the macro definitions of the header files in my own code.

Also found that I lacked the efficiency of establishing even the simplest UDP connection, in the n/w lab.

I know things cant be undone but what am to I do now?

After all this has happened and my petty dream of getting good grade in the lab has gone by the wind.

I sit up around 3 in the morning and type out this blog, why?

I had had a cup of tea meant to keep me awake for the sole purpose of studying; which works a miracle for I cant sleep now.

I guess I have to drink up something that will plant the interest to study in me. 🙂

Enough of that now, wine works fine for the name sake I am able to run very lite windows program but who needs lite win programs when you have greater more advanced customizable open source Lin programs with the possible exception of the favorite realtime strategy games.

So much for interoperability, have to try out virtualisation now.

Once again I am reminded by the inevitable exams that TIME IS RELATIVE I just cant find a reason why we got to reproduce content as is without any warranty onto the paper.

We’re computer engrs not the copiers from Xerox, cut us some slack will you?

I cant help but rumble on about how the glorious system of education in the country is misaligned wrt to the needs of the hour. We are learning in the age of Caesar ciphers when we really ought to be optimizing Blowfish or perhaps building quantum machines to crack the state of the art crypto.

Teach me how to think not what to think. -Kris Taylor


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