Water and Fire. v^

Karunya is having a much deserved rain and I am here listening to the thundering skies and breathing down the relaxing breeze.

Deserving because of the forest fires that we frequently see around this place; glowing red in the dark these hills have a very strong resemblance to the fiery mountains in LOTR.

I wonder if these frequent lighting up are precautionary measures taken by the forest dept.
Any ways, these aren’t something you see everyday.

Speaking of fires,

Practicals are on Monday through Wednesday.

Gosh, I hate this inevitable chore of having to sit down and prepare.

But then again who am I kidding,

when have I sat down in preparation for academics? 😉

We are on the verge of figuring out some amazing features of wine

Have been trying for a long time to get age of myth to run
on my suse.Hoping wine would taste better with age of myth.


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