Those days of Football


Among other things that I really miss are those days when I used to play football with my
school mates.

Rain washed and panting for breath we used to run insane chasing the glorious ball.
green grass and rubber shoes used to make the running even better,
even a slight miscalculation in where we put our foot will force us
to take the fall.

After and before the game we used to compare ourselves with those playing the premiership matches(yes we were dreamers those days).

Now, I hardly play, whenever I go back home I used to go to the stadium with a couple of my friends and relive those moments of joy.

Looking at all those people playing there makes us nostalgic.
Occasionally a ball may bounce of in our way and like all good football Samaritans we used to rush to it and take the wonderful kick.

Gone are those days of aggressive football discussions, many a great fights used to start just because of what had happened in the matches the previous night.

Gosh I miss those dearly.
I only hope that someday we might all get together and play like we used to(I am a dreamer, even now).


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