My first Job Interview

This weekend I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me. Though I had an arrear paper waiting for my beautiful pen to clear it off.I was graciously allowed to attend the campus placements.

I did give it a shot as a mark of respect and guess what I did get a job at the end of the day.

I know that I complained about my passions in the last post but those passions got me a job.

Half heartedly I went to attend the placement and with absolutely no preparations managed to clear of the rounds one by one.

I prepared my resume that clearly reflected only what I knew and would be able to talk impromptu.

My experience.

I am no expert in matters such as these; DO NOT take my advice.


Like all campus interviews this started with a presentation about the company.
The presentation was really useful in knowing about the company

Things to note here are the facts and figures that you can use when asked later

Asking questions at the end of the session will prove to be of great value I

when you get to the other rounds.



I barely had the time or the
intention of preparing for the aptitude.
However I can say with utmost certainty that all things that you pick
up during the entire college education will be useful

It started with a comprehension passage.
Contrary to popular beliefs of
reading just the questions and giving the right answer

I found that the questions that followed were intended to be answered
with reference to the context,
skipping the reading part will mean that
you will lose precious points here.

Analytical reasoning was simple enough,
the strategy that I followed
was to eliminate the obviously wrong answers first

Probability took a great deal of time but a little bit of thinking here
will show you the right answer.

practice in lab programs and general idea about errors and bugs are
were helpful.

Whenever I was stuck with a question my immediate response was to move
to the next one. This helped me save a lot of time.
At the end of the session I chose with great care some random answers
to the questions left unanswered.

At every point I kept my cool without losing my focus.

Technical round

Here I was put under stress but managed to keep my cool.

I chose my area of interests carefully, I listed only those things
that I have spent time studying and also which were out of the

Questions related to your personality like the popular
“tell me about yourself” needs to be addressed
I did not plan ne of my answers I thought about them
then and there this helped me stay natural.

I first gave them a little info ’bout my family and quickly moved
onto my education and from there i listed a few qualities that
came with my education like discipline and leadership and integrity.

From here questions were shot focusing totally on my area of interest
I was shown that the interviewer was smarter than me but I expressed
no fear for that reason.
I remained confident and answered the question in a semi formal defnitions

Which was the result of understanding the topic moderately

Questions were varied and some topics were very latest
I gave convincing answers but when I was not able to, I gave those
that were rational

In addition to this I pointed out the project done which also was on the sa
me line as my interests.

I had ready instances for those skills that I listed.

At no point during the interview did I bend the truth to impress them.

I was ready to engage in conversation both in a formal and casual manner
which helped me to explain things rationally.
Aggressiveness here will not help but being confident surely does.
I took great care in not sounding aggressive when I was actually
being confident.

Giving the answers to the point does help.
Supporting your answers with logical arguments when questioned was helpful.

Becoming nervous at the last min made a friend of mine lose his ability to think properly.

I was gracious at all times which made him feel comfortable asking questions to me.



After the tech hr was a breeze.

A natural entry here got it done.
A proper handshake and appropriate gesture was all that was needed here.

I had listed ‘a challenging job’ as my expectation from the company among other

They asked me about this and I was just thinking up some answers and found that
I was repeating a few words like learning and others frequently so he found I that
I was willing to learn more and also adapt myself.

He asked me what I have I learn t on my own

I presented myself as a humble person by giving credit to those people who had
helped me in learning at the same time giving him details about what I have learnt
and what plans I had of improving.

now the question was why would I want to join the company
I said that a company with such a great track record and values is someplace I would
fit well in.
Also said some nice things about the ceo for which I was asked an example which

I was not ready to quote by word but managed to tell them the gist of things and how
good that made me feel.
they asked me about my willingness to work anywhere within the country for which I
gave a thoughtful answer

A natural exit was in the order here.

Things I failed in
could not explain some questions that was academic oriented which I now remember was taught in class.

rushed through the apt after wasting time with math.

fumbled with questions because I had not planned ne ready answers.

Things I managed well

I knew my Strengths and weaknesses

chose my area of interest with great honesty though some were not directly related
to the job

answered questions appropriately and in a casual manner with great deal of honesty.

Updated myself with all I could find related to
my interests over a long period of time.

Was confident yet casual

Was cheerful even when I was pushed into a corner

Gave rational answers with supportive arguments when I gave answers that was not
convincing enough

Quickly corrected myself when I found I had given incomplete ans but did not contradict
ne thing I previously mentioned

Showed them the method in which I was arriving at the answers by walking them through.

Took the entire things sportively without worrying bout the outcome, which helped me
in overcoming anxiety.
Parent were really happy in me getting a job but the only thing I could not overlook was that I still have a lotof things to do and getting into a job I doubt that my freedom to freely continue my passions may be in danger.

And that remains to be seen.

Above all there was someone else’s mighty hands pulling the strings.


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