Its time again for the gory internals, over clocking our brains we bust the trickery and deceit brought about by the mark monster.

With concepts borrowed from operations research we schedule and crash the meager 24×7 of the week.

With great heartache we turn our backs to our passions all in vain hope of adding more bytes on our mark sheet.

Oh dear, poor we may be in our ability to score more bytes

but ‘re of hearts rich and valiant enough to settle scores

with the dreadful monster, ‘course with our CPUs ever so powerful

we roll our die,waiting for the day- fateful

Oh dear, how poor ‘re we to pay the price?

come what may we stand (sit) armed with our kbrds and mice

’tis said Success + Failure equals ONE

But, Oh dear, how poorer we ‘re trying to pay the price becoming the ONE?




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