Mindkraft ’07 –A good start

Just had a wonderful; well deserved weekend.

I learn t a lot this season being one of the stud convener.

The event went on without a hitch. Ours was one of the purely technical event.

Apart from the tough question paper we had wonderful quizzes.

Mr. Ewards gave the participants slackware to chew on.

Text mode installation was the highlight; for many this was their first time at the console, they did manage fairly well.The Gang

It was just like those glorious days in Breeks; subtle and charming.

Music festivals and speech days were the most memorable. We used to enjoy the company of our houses in those rigorous half-a-day, every day practice for the choir.

Those hymns that we sang were the best I have sung so far in my life.

One of my favorite is ” Author of Beauty God in High” , and of course there is always “Unto His Calling”.

Gosh I will give any thing to relive those sweet days.

At the end of the day, we were a bunch of satisfied souls.

Cultural did rock in spite of all that was against it, I guess Shanky did pull his tricks out of the bag.

I believe this was one good start for mindkraft, the coming years will see a great deal of improvement.

And now we are back to the mundane class life; with labs, records and overdue library books to be handled.


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