Burning the midnight’s oil.

This week has been the busiest; I am one of the student conveners for the groundbreaking Mindkraft.

We have been handling Junk2Comp (original idea by Vamshi),

our team consists of Godly, Dinesh ,Pravin (aka Getthu), Sudhan( the official critic, with a great many ideas; infeasible by mean mortals like ourselves).

Not mentioning the various girls in our team would be a grave dishonesty. We have got a bunch of really talented people.

It has mostly been talking and planning; our favorite staff convener is Mr. Ewards the revolutionary in GNU/Linux within and without our campus, he is brilliant.

With every tiny bit of detail planned out we march on. Yet there remains a lot.

We are planning to include in our presentation talks on open source(actually a lot on them).

So far it has been a lot of cut copy paste with a tinge of our own creativity and a lot of help from our mates.

Using tools like screen recorders and media editors have become the routine these days, in addition of using proxies to download media from the net (yes, hat off to Karunya firewall for continually motivating us).

Winners of quizzes will be receiving their own copy of Ubuntu CDs (courtesy Canonical).

Hoping for it to be a success we strive on with our reddened eyes(the aftereffect of staring at my LCD for long hours)

KennyG gives me company with his brilliant music so does Mozart, Vivaldi ….

Kudos to the immortal musicians.




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