The thing called Internals

Internal exams took most part of the week.
Had it not been for my classroom learning it would have been all cramming and no learning.

Even then lab experiments seems to rob me of my free time, this week’s exercise is to convert a regular expression into NFA.
Meanwhile I have to tackle Crypto tomorrow and Windows on Monday.

Trying to free up the schedule to learn a bit of Python this weekend.

Even after learning the wonderful biology at school my interest in CS did not waver.
I am developing my skills in Linux in hopes of becoming an open source programmer some day.I simply love programming in Linux it gives me the freedom to use my keyboarding skills (my childhood dream).

My first encounter with Linux was with a Ubuntu live CD. Since then I have moved over to all kinds of distros and now I simply love SuSE. Have not yet made up my mind to go for 10.2. Let us see how far I can take 10.1.

I hope that the coming week would be a relaxing one.


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