Birds, trees, days

Wandering is the word.

After an evening of sights like these
the comfort of a simple place warms body and mind.


Dark grey clouds were now looming; threatening.
A downpour within minutes drenched me on my bicycle.

As the water is washing away the brownest soil we could make out the truest variation of green against the dark sky of the afternoon.

I wipe away my mud sloshed bicycle with handfuls of water flowing down from the roof.

The chill of the water – cleansing; the quality – pristine.

As the early light gently awoke the sleeping night, the landscape of a tiny hill was painting itself; the standing mist rose among the young trees making them a shade lighter; waking them to what was going to be a clear day.

Further into the day, away from the still lakes and misty aura of the evergreens, the path cuts through the landscape of dry forests of low trees, revealing deer that were rather part of the trees and grass around them than themselves.


Back in the city sans sleep.
I dare not ask why.

A bit of flame

I once knew this dame
She showed me the taste of fame;
Me has not been the same.
The story maybe lame
I’m to blame, for setting it aflame.


Seasonal change is in the air. These hills take on a bright, crisp and blue light.

A familiar sight to cheer us.


P.S. Carry water.

Chirp chirp

Echoes of birds chirping, the soft clouds over the faintest blue of the sky. The chills faintly sinking in.

Time can stand still, if you only remember the tree that glimmered silver yesterday that stands alone waiting for another day in that sun.

Dry leaves crunch under your feet in the long abandoned driveway. Overgrown and unkempt. The crumbling steps the relic of the past splendor.

Do others see or ignore the beauty?

Distant memories of a splendid hoopoe surfaces in the back.

One scared bird that flew at our sight. Taking its colors away leaving an imprint behind in our mind.

Days many may have passed but the image lingers, unsurpassed until its return, when: doesn’t really matter.

For knowing it was here and it was real gives hope of another sighting.

The same or some other the difference are many but few.

The wait becomes the game.


Often times there is a convergence of skills and pursuit of excellence with personal fervor.

Lacking the necessary conformity skills presents a barrier of information exchange.

When the channel presents a clouded view of the information. The exchange is futile without redundant error correction embedded in the messages.

Creating situational awareness is vital.

Lacking insight into the preliminary data leads to misdirection and chaos.

Simplifying the threads to pertinent messages and classifying them yields better retention and clarity.

Happy huntin’

It is time to take stock of things in these confused times.

When everything revolves around weakness and fear there is nothing else to do except take stock of actions past and present.

Try, if you could see beyond the fog of war. Lessons are waiting for you to learn and perhaps more importantly to realize.

Affect change lest you regret.
Driven by the human tendencies and the knowledge of it: countless are besieged with false hopes.

Know your worth, the ideas that shaped you have relevance. You trust them and stay the course.
Make yourself more than what you are led to believe.

Break those links that bind you in your complacency. Take pride in your actions.

Forget yourself once in a while and re-invent. Chances are there are better selves in you that make up you.
In all probability, they are all you.

It gets better to know and find you can’t lose any of these without your consent.

Try to stay in the light which is just right for you.
Wear shades when you wanna take it up a notch.

Keep those shades clear.
And carry binoculars.


Deep eyes 140 chars

Getting lost in your eyes, seeing the glow of your soul; I believe we have met in a timeless past. Is it a few or threads many that bind us?

Excursion: in some spheres

Explaining roles in technology is generally hard.

Made several mistakes of not providing my folks with data about the niche we occupy in the eco-system spawned by internet and the technology.

We’re forever evolving socially.

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and thus is where the question of general conformity in what Emerson would define in his essay-Manners; arises.

Compound this fact with the expectations of the social nature and the relatively-decided measures of personal success; we have a disdain for the very nature of search.

Prevailing economic circumstances aside, the need to assert ourselves to tackle the problems of an overly influenced society and their collective mutual inducements: leaves just enough bandwidth to gather a few pieces of code for the day.

When faced with the market-data used to match our role-continuity with potential employers,
one faces the issue of their own success quotient in the social sphere for no other purpose
than acceptance within this sphere;
which at this point strangely remains an unseen familial undercurrent during information exchange with folks back home.

In order to pre-empt future disparities in personal value, it seems, one has to consider these environmental factors too as being decisive in creating a truly successful acceptance over time regardless of the expertise curve that one goes through their respective professions.

Granted, we are on a different timeline and from the mainstream in terms of ideas and world views (not necessarily ahead or back in time)

Being technologists of


bearing and understanding.

The matter of acceptance may be of a trivial complexity when compared with the many problems that one is trained to solve.

These techniques that has served the people in the past needs to be widely made accessible without turning oneself into the fictitious Barney.

Yes, I know the significance of
“Esse quam videri”.

Thing is: it is not working in my current state of transition in career.

Ramblings about talent wasted in this time and place within my network

The number of my friends and acquaintances that have faced a loss of dream due to a sudden family crisis is huge.

Talented folks in our town: talking about advanced Maths and literature and Physics laid their dreams in advancement and pursued the course of debatable religious fervor to compensate for their inactivity in their chosen path towards the advancement of learning and one hopes imparting the ir understanding.

The real talents that they nursed to better themselves hit the walls in the system coupled with the ever increasing realization of evolving through life.
The conditions the evolving circumstances impose on the growth on the individual is limited chiefly by their environment and the support
structure of the locality.

I desists from the use of the word community instead to compensate the lack of my understanding of the contemporary definition of community.

How many such individuals have novel minds that could be put to the betterment of the learning. When researchers evolve outside our borders the penchant to admire and envy exceeds the limits of imagination.

For what I read the validation of an external entity is the defining tribute that convinces the locality of the importance of the novel mind.

Countless individuals are testimony to the lack of opportunities that prevail within this framework that fails to account for the talents of the novel minds.

If my understanding is right the cultures outside our contemporary understanding of life and of knowlege; have implicitly included provisions in their to include this minority that to put it coarsely- see the world differently than the majority.

It is quite tempting to be the rebel and talk about the flaws and possibly the remedy ranging a wide range of issues in recent times.

But I simply limit my point to the technologists. We as a locality need to have a safety net in place for people who see things differently as a result of the over indulgence of technological learning.

This sort of learning changes the way people think about thr reality. Had it been any other place they would have been brought to think about advancement in technological learning as a lifestyle.
Where one progresses in a path that leads to discovery and innovation.

Instead the system promotes a saturation and limits the latent innovations that are just under the limit of societal upbringing and environmentally imposed restrictions on
individual excellence.

This situation is exacerbated by the need to make judgements about the individuals capability to excellence in exigent circumstances.

The system favors the readymade rather than the piece that could tailored to the evolving Fashions of the time.

One so malleable and able gets left out because of the made up rules the for the input during the judgement call in the neural net of the judge’s biased views towards learning and innovation in a character exhibiting the frustrations of the limiting nature of the system; that is clearly not fault tolerant to humans exhibiting resistance to stagnation in their learning and advancement of it in thr technology sphere.

Until one solves this problem of stigmatizing folks termed with severe emotional disturbances brought about by the lack of realizing their potential in this functioning system with a valid feedback loop to reinforce the validity; to eventually enable self-validation.

This problem is going to be perennial in this locality and the contemporary time.


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